Disneyland Reveals Guests’ 5 Most-Asked Questions

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Scott Brinegar/Disneyland

The recent post on the Disneyland blog detailing the most common questions asked by guests visiting Disneyland struck us as amusing and particularly timely.

Because right now so many of us are hosting out-of-towners. And, wherever we go, there are questions. Probably the top one right now: "Why is the beach cold on a July morning?"

Yeah. We're asking that one, too.

Can you guess what people most want to know at Disneyland? We can all probably land on the top query, which, yes, involves knowing where the bathroom might be.

But there are others. Four others. See if you can guess them before looking. And no, one of them is not the Mad Hatter's "why is a raven like a writing desk?" Although we'd love that.

Our main Disneyland question did not make the list. Which is, when will we eat our Monte Cristo sandwich, and will we have room for those creamy, oh-so-retro scalloped potatoes they serve on the side? The answers are always the moment the Blue Bayou opens for the day and most definitely.

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