Desert Resort to Unveil 100-Pound Doughnut

JW Marriott Desert Springs Resort & Spa is creating the colossal treat in honor of a delicious anniversary.

JW Marriott Desert Springs Resort & Spa

SEEKING A SUNDAY NOSH... while staying at a luxe resort? It's kind of tradition, and whether that meal involves a full-on brunch experience, or the sort of special dish you only enjoy on vacation, is up to you and what the property offers, food-wise. And one special property in Palm Desert will be rolling out one rather unforgettable pastry on Sunday, Sept. 2 at 10 in the morning, prime brunch time for a lot of people who are feeling peckish. This pastry isn't intended for any one guest, however, but several, and once you learn the details, you understand: Prepare to encounter a doughnut that weighs 100 pounds.

JW MARRIOTT DESERT SPRINGS RESORT & SPA... is the place, Aquifer Bar is the spot, and the Tahiatian vanilla-flavored goodie, which is "... draped in millennial pink sweet cream frosting"? And "... decorated with neon jimmies and topped with tropical fruit macaron crisps and infused with summer raspberries"? It's all to celebrate the one-year anniversary of the resort's DoNut Disturb package, which, yes, involves the enjoyment of circular sweets, in addition to other perks. So how will this morningtime dessert be divied up?

THERE SHALL BE A SLICING CEREMONY, which sounds as ooh la la as a 100-pound doughnut deserves, and a tasting to follow. Also? Look for close-at-hand doughnut walls, which will feature an array of flavors, and doughnutty giveaways for kids. (Make that "doughnut-inspired," oh yeah.) And if sugary supping isn't quite your thing, but savory is, take note: The resort is holding State Fair Barbecue the evening before the doughnut unveiling, on Sept. 1, at the JW Pavilion. Both special events are part of the destination's Labor Day Weekend celebrations.

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