Desert by Night: ‘Park After Dark'

Spy nocturnal critters at the every-so-often Living Desert to-do.

IF IT IS A FRIDAY NIGHT, chances are pretty solid that you're seeking out some sort of entertainment. It could be at the cinema, or on the small screen, but many people jump into fictional storytelling for a few minutes or hours, the better to unwind, leave the stresses of the week behind, and learn a little something about the world, even. And very often our Friday night escapes involve critters, whether they're the animated, talking sort, or the kind of beasties who star in documentaries and TV series (or at least play important parts). What we're distinctly not doing on a Friday night, as humans, as a rule, is interacting with real, out-in-the-world animals, without a screen separating us from all of their scaly, furry amazingness. But that all changes, now and again, at The Living Desert in Palm Desert. The animal park, which puts the educational, wonder-packed emphasis on denizens of warmer, drier climes, has a special series called...

PARK AFTER DARK: If you're guessing, by the name, that this happening is all about enjoying The Living Desert after the sun packs up its last daily rays, you'd be correct. And you'd be correct again if you surmised that seeing a couple of animals, up close, is part of the end-of-the-week fun. A "guided walk through the zoo" and s'mores-savoring enjoyment are also on the Friday-night plans, in addition to eyeing beautiful tail-boasting, claw-rocking residents from a near distance. Park After Dark isn't every Friday night, do note, but if you're planning a desert getaway, and you dig animals, and you'll be there over a weekend, you might check if the stars will be aligned for your visit. After all, how better to start the weekend than by communing with a beautiful desert beastie or two?

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