This Time, Lehane Will Write the Screenplay

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After standing idly by while three of his novels have been turned into screenplays, Dennis Lehane is stepping up to bring "Animal Rescue " to the big screen.

The film will be based on a short story by Lehane about the disappearance of a pit bull that leads to a killing. The story was originally part of an anthology called "Boston Noir" which Lehane edited, reported Variety.

Lehane is not totally inexperienced in screenwriting, having penned three episodes for "The Wire." If you can write for "The Wire," you can probably hack it in Hollywood.

The first Lehane film adaptation, "Mystic River," earned six Oscar nominations, with Sean Penn and Tim Robbins wining for Best Actor and Supporting Actor, respectively. Next was Ben Affleck's directorial debut, "Gone Baby Gone," starring his younger brother Casey, which earned Amy Ryan a Best Supporting Actress nomination.

Next week will see  the release of the third Lehane film, Martin Scorsese's "Shutter Island," starring Leonard DiCaprio, and Sam Rami hopes to begin filming "The Given Day" soon.

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