Demonstrators March Outside AT&T Stadium to Protest Police Shooting Deaths

Arlington police made nine arrests when a separate group of protestors blocked traffic

Demonstrators marched outside AT&T Stadium, where the Cowboys hosted the Giants Sunday night, rolling two caskets to protest the police shooting deaths of Botham Jean in Dallas and O'Shae Terry in Arlington.

Terry was shot by an Arlington police officer Sept. 1 after he attempted to flee during a traffic stop and Jean was shot Sept. 6 by Dallas police officer Amber Guyger who said she mistook him for a burglar after she mistakenly entered Jean's apartment.

Lee Merritt, who represented the families of both men, demanded that the Dallas Police Department identify and discipline officers who leaked information a search warrant return about Botham Jean's shooting to the media. The search warrant indicated officers found marijuana, but it's unclear who it belonged to.

Merritt said the protest was also to draw attention to Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones' policy on players protesting during the national anthem.

"We come with an invitation to Jerry Jones, to Dak Prescott, to the entire Cowboys organization to join us in the fight for justice. To ensure these tragedies do not continue to befall our community," Rev. Michael Waters said.

"Let us know that you're not just concerned with making money off of black bodies, but you're concerned about the safety of all black bodies," pastor Frederick Haynes said. "Because, guess what? We are Americans as well."

Demonstrators also called for the Dallas Police Department to fire Guyger and for the officer to face a murder charge. Guyger is currently on administrative leave and faces a manslaughter charge in Jean's death.

"It was murder because if the roles had been reversed and Botham had come into her apartment and killed her, he would be in jail right now and charged with capital murder," Haynes said. "We are saying there is not justice at all if there is not justice for all."

Fans looked on as the group of around 100 demonstrators walked around AT&T Stadium with the two coffins. Demonstrators walked quietly and carried signs that said "Black Lives Matter."

Some fans said they were confused by the demonstrations. Some expressed support.

"Racism has been a problem in this country way too long, it's time we did something about it," said Nathan Barrett who was attending the game. His friend, Jacob Gragg, took off his hat as the caskets went by.

At least one fan could be heard saying, "No politics" as the group went by.

Others told NBC 5 they did not want to be quoted by name, but insisted the demonstration wasn't appropriate after Fort Worth police officer Garrett Hull died in the line of duty. 

"I was married to a police officer for 20 years. We respect police officers, the good ones. But there are some problems and we have to draw attention to it," said demonstrator Leattress Anderson.

Police in Arlington did not try to stop the pastor's group from protesting. Officers on bicycles rode alongside protesters and helped stopped traffic as the group approached the stadium.

Arlington police said officers made nine arrests after a separate group of protesters blocked traffic on Collins Street and Randoll Mill Drive.

Police said that group would not move despite repeated warnings from officers.

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