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Delish: Restaurant Week Arrives in Palm Springs

Toasty temps, hot scenes, cool times: The misters are on and several resort cities will have dining deals aplenty.

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OUTDOOR DINING? It can be a mood, a vibe, a feeling, and the setting, time of day, people around you, and even the quality of light can enhance the emotion. And while alfresco food experiences can take on similar qualities in various, fairly disparate destinations, there is a place that offers an incredibly singular supping adventure: Palm Springs, and the desert resort cities. For when you're sitting outside on a warm spring evening in Palm Springs, devouring something delicious while watching the sun dip behind Mount San Jacinto, you can't imagine the scene being authentically replicated anywhere else. And if a few misters happen to be cooling the patio where you sit? The P.S.-style vibes grow even stronger.

GREATER PALM SPRINGS RESTAURANT WEEK... provides a primo chance to savor the soft pink evening skies, the toasty-but-not-too-roasty temperatures of early June, the marvelous misters, and all of the yummy dishes the area offers. Everything gets misting from June 3, and the "week" will actually conclude on June 12, 2022. Call it a 10-day eating extravaganza, sumptuously stretched across nine desert cities, with prix fixe meals available at both lunch and dinner. The lunch meals start at $15, while the dinners kick off at $39, depending on where you land (they can get more luxe, price-wise, so do check out the eateries you're interested in before you go). All sorts of cuisines are covered, indoor dining rooms are part of the event (as well as patios), and several splashy hotels will also jump into the foodie fun.

THE WHOLE LUSCIOUS LINE-UP? Scootch your chair a bit closer to your nearest misting device and take a cool, cool look at all of the hot Restaurant Week deals now.

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