Drunk Officer Breaks Into Stranger's House: Police

A Wilmington police officer was arrested after he allegedly broke into a stranger’s home while drunk.

Investigators say Officer Michael Spencer was partying at a friend’s house on Churchtown Road in Middletown, Delaware Saturday around 1:30 a.m. Spencer, who was drunk and off-duty, then left the party and fell asleep inside his car which was parked in his friend’s driveway, according to police.

Spencer then woke up shortly before 4:30 a.m. that same morning, officials said. Still drunk, Spencer allegedly walked to a home a few houses down on Churchtown Road, believing it was his own even though he lives in Wilmington.

Police say Spencer then kicked in the door and forced his way in, frightening the homeowners, a husband and wife, who were inside. The wife then jumped out of the window and ran to alert a neighbor while her husband grabbed a gun and pointed it at Spencer, police said. The wife and neighbor then called police.

As he was held at gunpoint, Spencer repeatedly yelled, “It’s a mistake! I’m scared! Don’t shoot! I’m black! I’m a cop,” according to the criminal complaint. Police later arrived at the home and arrested Spencer. He is charged with criminal mischief and trespassing.

Sources told NBC10 Spencer is a corporal with the Wilmington Police Department. They also said he was at work Monday but in street clothes and not on normal duty. NBC10 reached out to Wilmington Police for comment.

“We are not commenting on an ongoing Delaware State Police criminal investigation,” a spokesperson wrote. “The officer as per departmental policy is currently on administrative duty.”

Court records show Spencer has been in trouble with the law before. In 2010 Spencer was sued after he allegedly struck a woman's car while drunk. The woman also accused Spencer of going back to her apartment, handing her his gun and belt, stripping down and then asking her for sex. The woman said she refused and Spencer fell asleep until he was taken into custody by his fellow officers. 

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