Danger Mouse Album, Zombie Novel “Reapers” Being Combined into Film

Remember that absolutely bananas online video for Arcade Fire's "We Used to Wait"? The one that incorporated Google Earth footage from the location of your choice? The creative mind behind it is now turning an album and book into a single feature film.

Director Chris Milk will adapt Alden Bell's novel, "The Reapers Are the Angels," about a girl trying to survive a zombie apocalypse, reported Variety. "Rome," the Danger Mouse album featuring the voices of Jack White and Norah Jones that was conceived as a soundtrack to a film that didn't exist, and was inspired by classic Spaghetti Westerns, will also serve as inspiration.

Not surprisingly, the film is being financed by fundie/indie goddess Megan Ellison via her Annapurna Pictures, and is being produced by Anthony Bregman of Likely Story.

"Chris Milk is perhaps the most innovative creative voice working in any art form today, and the 'Rome' project criss-crosses at least a dozen of them, including music, animation, live performance, film, web, literature, music videos, and graphic novels," Bregman and Ellison said in a statement.

Milk has in the past worked extensively with Danger Mouse via Gnarls Barkley, including one of our all-time favorite videos, for "Whose Gonna Save My Soul?", which we'll warn you is a little tough to watch. Watching the trailer for "Reapers," it's very similar to Milk's "We Used to Wait" video--in fact one almost certainly inspired the other, and we wouldn't be surprised to learn Milk did both.

And here's the video Milk did earlier this year for the "Rome" track "3 Dreams of Black," with vocals by Jones:

And if you really want to geek out, here's a bunch of Google Chrome nerds talking about the magic behind the video for "3 Dreams."

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