Dallas Police Release ‘Disturbing' Footage of Woman Who Died From Overdose After Being Arrested

"Why didn't they help her, they are professionals, why didn't they help her," Diamond Ross' mother Ethelyn Ross said

Newly released Dallas Police Department video shows the final moments of 34-year-old Diamond Ross, who died last year in police custody.

According to Dallas Police, responding officers failed to get Ross medical treatment but neither officer involved faced criminal charges due to her death being ruled an "accidental drug overdose."

On the video, Ross can be heard asking for water and telling responding officers she can't breathe. While being processed at the City of Dallas Detention Center, she appears unresponsive and is drug in by DPD officers holding only her arms. The video then shows the officers dropping her in a wheelchair as her head violently snaps back.

"This is so hard to watch," Diamond Ross' mother Ethelyn said. "I think it's a shame that they would treat a human being like that."

Ross' family says they found out the video existed only an hour before it was released. In an email to NBC 5, DPD says the video was "released due to the public interest in the case and in an effort to be transparent with the public."

"We feel a bit traumatized because now we have to deal with this all over again," Tierra Bernard, Ross' sister-in-law said.

Dallas Police identified the two involved officers as Senior Corporal Larry Moody and Trainee Officer William Ortega. According to police, during the course of the internal affairs investigation Ortega resigned and Moody received a "written reprimand."

The Ross family believes Moody should be fired and say they plan to file a civil lawsuit.

"Why didn't they help her, they are professionals, why didn't they help her," Ethelyn Ross said.

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