Dallas Couple's Big Moment Captured in Accidental Proposal Photos

David Le spent months planning his proposal to Jenny Pham. He wanted a photographer to accompany them to Whitaker Point in Arkansas, to capture the big moment. He called about a dozen people, but none were able to make it.  

But as it turns out, Le and Pham did have a photographer there.

Jacob Peters was hired by another man to photograph his proposal at the same place, on the same day, at the same time. The instructions were specific. 

"The guy wanted me to be in the forest," Peters said. "This guy wanted me to take pictures of him proposing to his girlfriend at sunrise."

Peters was positioned at a point in the distance, so the photos would be a surprise to the man's fiancé.

But there is no cell phone service at Whitaker Point, so Peters didn't know the couple who hired him was running late. When Le and Pham showed up at the right place, at right time, and Le got down on his knee, Peters took the photos.

When he called the client to say congratulations, he found out they missed their own photo shoot.

"When he got down on one knee, I was like, yeah, that's him," Peters said. "I didn't think it was that common to get engaged in that spot, but I guess it's pretty common."

The photos he took show an intimate moment between Le and his now-fiancé, Pham. Peters posted them on Facebook, hoping someone would recognize the couple. One of the photographers Le tried to hire identified them. 

Peters refunded his client's money and gave the photos to the Dallas couple he accidentally photographed. 

The engaged couple was in shock. 

"Everything was perfect," Le said to Pham.

"You read my mind," she said. 

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