“Daily Show” Wild About Prince Harry

Could President Barack Obama have used some help from Prince Harry this week? All signs point to yes.

During a press conference at the White House on Tuesday, as the president faced a tough question on the controversies marring his second term, British Prime Minister David Cameron just stood there, in the words of Jon Stewart, “like a kid who got invited to a friend’s house for dinner the night his friend’s parents filed for divorce.”

Senior “Daily Show” White House Correspondent John Oliver had some insight into the situation: “President Obama picked the wrong Brit.”

If you’re looking to distract the press, said Oliver, you’ve got to go with “this guy” — cut to footage of people squealing with delight over Prince Harry.

“Is that One Direction?” Stewart asked.

Come on! “Prince Harry is in town,” Oliver shouted. “Right now, that’s the Brit you want — not the pasty MP from West Oxfordshire.”

And how have people been reacting to Prince Harry? Cut to a clip of Senator John McCain saying, “Frankly, I found him to be a very attractive young man.”

Oliver then offered some of that British insight that he’s so well known for: “The fact that the president was sitting on this royal asset all week and failed to use it may be the most damning sign of his incompetence so far.”

Here is the clip, courtesy of Comedy Central:

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