Dad’s Hilarious Letter to Son Asking for Loan Goes Viral

St. Louis dad Michael Nanos gently let his son Auren down, in the form of a loan rejection letter citing "insufficient funds"

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Like most young kids, 6-year-old Auren likes toys. In his recent quest for a new toy to add to his collection, he realized that he didn't have the funds to cover his purchase. 

Enter DAD Savings and Loan. Auren asked his father Michael Nanos of St. Louis for $20. Nanos promptly wrote his son a hilarious rejection letter that has now gone viral. 

"After reviewing your account, we have find you have insufficient funds, and a history of not doing your chores," the letter reads. 

Detailing an "unsustainable amount of expenditure," Nanos professionally lets Auren know that, as CEO of Dad Savings and Loan, he cannot "further compound the problem by financially assisting" in Auren's purchase. 

Nanos told NBC affiliate KSDK that, while he cares for his client, the company believes his income "simply was not sufficient to sustain the level of spending that they wanted to incur."

Auren did have the opportunity to appeal, however: to the complaint department manager named Mom. 

"Sometimes there's a lot of crying. Sometimes there can be yelling," Michelle Nanos told KSDK. But ultimately, she was able to work out a deal. 

"I went ahead and said that I would allow a front of the money as long as he continued to walk the dog," she said. 

Posted on Reddit Thursday, the letter has been seen nearly 5 million times, with over 800 comments. 

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