D-Wade Tweets Defense on Divorce

Siovaughn Wade talks divorce on E!

Siohvaughn Wade took to the airwaves Thursday night to talk about her failed relationship with Miami Heat superstar Dwyane Wade, but don't think Flash wasn't sitting right in front of the plasma.

Wade let the Twitterverse know he was holding his own personal watch party as his ex spilled the beans on what went wrong in their relationship.

Siohvaughn told E! True Hollywood Story that the almighty dollar corrupted Wade and led him down the road of bad husband. But Wade in true super hero form, went immediately on the defensive before the four-minute piece wrapped up.

"Don't believe everything u read or hear. Thts all imma say about that. Ontothenexttopic," wrote Twitter ID dwadeofficial.

Apparently, Flash's space bar is on the fritz, but that didn't stop him from trying to debunk Siohvaunghn's rags-to-riches-to-loose women theory. In case you didn't TiVo the episode, E! will be re-airing the "Basketball Wives" show throughout the weekend.

The mother of Wade's two sons didn't lay all the blame on her estranged husband and said she too lost herself in the lavish lifestyle and VIP treatment afforded to the wife of an NBA baller.

"It didn't take us very long before I'd say we had forgotten God, our marriage vows and everything," Siohvaughn said.

Wade had better make sure his high-speed Internet is on full blast by the time Shaunie O'Neal's NBA Wives show on VH1 hits the airwaves. Shaq's soon to be ex will likely also want to have a sit down with Siohvaughn.

But at least Flash knows his teammates have got his back.

Dorrell Wright and Quentin Richardson were both watching Siohvaughn on E! and just so happened to be on their laptops with their Twitter accounts handy.

"Word up RT. This "Basketball Wives show is funny, making the wives seem like they are the VICTIMS! Smh," write DWRIGHTWAY.

Ah, the spectacle that is Twitter.

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