Cuomo Thanks Straphanger Who Gave Homeless Man His Shirt at State of the State Address


The New Yorker who was captured on a now viral video giving a homeless man the shirt off his back on a subway train earned praise from Gov. Andrew Cuomo at his State of the State address Wednesday.

Joey Resto, of Brooklyn, was invited to the speech by the Cuomo administration and lauded by the governor for his act of kindness during the speech.

“We are joined today by Joey Resto who was in the news this week for literally giving his shirt off his back and the hat off his head to a shirtless, shivering homeless man in the subway. Let’s give Joey Resto a big round of applause for being a good Samaritan,” Cuomo said during his address.

“This is New York. This is New York. And we are New Yorkers and we will not allow people to dwell in the gutter like garbage. It hurts all of us,” Cuomo said.

He added, “It’s as if every time we walk by a homeless person we leave a piece of our soul on that curb. This is not who we are as a people, it’s not our values as a society.”

After thanking Resto,Cuomo moved on to remarks about his budget plan, which would ensure $10 billion for affordable housing over five years.

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