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CrossFit CEO Steps Down After Inflammatory George Floyd Comments

Greg Glassman announced his retirement after facing backlash over tweets about the death of George Floyd and the coronavirus

Linda Davidson / The Washington Post via Getty Images

The founder and CEO of CrossFit, who has come under fire for tweets about the death of George Floyd and public health orders surrounding the coronavirus, announced his retirement Tuesday.

"On Saturday I created a rift in the CrossFit community and unintentionally hurt many of its members," Greg Glassman, who started the fitness company, said in a statement announcing his retirement.

Glassman responded to a tweet Saturday by the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation, that called racism and discrimination "critical public health issues that demand an urgent response."

Glassman responded: "It's FLOYD-19."

"Your failed model quarantined us and now you're going to model a solution to racism?" he tweeted in a follow-up. "George Floyd's brutal murder sparked riots nationally. Quarantine alone is 'accompanied in every age and under all political regimes by an undercurrent of suspicion, distrust, and riots.' Thanks!"

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