Jonathan Lloyd

Watch: Security Camera Captures Alarming Sight and Sound of Long Beach Crane Collapse

A doorbell camera from across the street captured loud cracking and popping sounds as the giant crane lurched to one side on a Long Beach street

A homeowner's security camera captured the frightening sight and sound of a large crane as it listed to one side before toppling in a Long Beach neighborhood, injuring a man and damaging two homes.

Utility crews were working on power lines Monday afternoon across the street from a home fitted with a doorbell camera when the truck-mounted crane began leaning. On the security camera video, sharp cracking and popping sounds can be heard as the crane collapses and lands with a loud thud across several properties in the 300 block of 61st Street.

Utility workers in hardhats and high-visibility vests can be seen scrambling as the truck is lifted off the ground and pulled onto its side.

Resident Ken Seeley said workers appeared to be using the crane to guide a pole into place before the collapse.

"Nobody expected it," Seeley said. "The outriggers gave way, and the crane toppled.

"It made a cracking as the pole hit the big pecan tree we had in the back. It came down, it made a big thud, shook the ground, actually broke the new pole they were going to put in,"

One worker suffered minor injuries. Power was restored to about 70 customers later that day.

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