Community Marches For Chicago Mom Shot in Front of Children

Five shootings reported in one week in North Lawndale

Outraged residents of Chicago's North Lawndale neighborhood held an anti-violence march Thursday to bring attention to a rash of violence in the area.

Five people have been shot in the past seven days, and one of the victims has become a symbol of the senseless violence — 30-year-old Georgina Randle, who was shot and killed while her two children watched.

Randle, a mother of two, had just moved back to Chicago six months ago after living in Missouri.

"She always had life in her, she was adventurous, she loved doing things like going out on her birthday," Randle's brother, Jezre-El Bradley, said.

Wynton Collins, 28, was arrested shortly afterward and is being held without bond in connection with Randle's murder. Police say the security guard had to stop and reload while shooting Randle, and her son threw one of his toys at him to try to get him to stop.

A group called Mothers Opposed to Violence Everywhere joined with Ceasefire and marched to the scenes of each recent shooting, demanding that they stop.

"Most of us knows everyone that's been shot, and we knew Georgina that's been killed, and it's affected us deeply. So we decided today that we're going to protest and march because we're tired of this senseless violence," the Rev. Robin Hood said.

Randle's family says they are praying for the shooter.

"I'm praying for his family because it was senseless and that's a life wasted," Randle's uncle, Jimmy Bradley, said.

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