Congressional Curling: Colorado's Senators Swept Up in Olympic Fever

It was unclear if Sen. Michael Bennet or Sen. Cory Gardner cast the first "stone"

There's a lot of bipartisan rancor in Congress these days, but the Olympics has a way of bringing people together, even senators from opposing parties.

Case in point: Colorado's senators, Democrat Michael Bennet and Republican Cory Gardner, swept aside any differences they may have to go curling in the halls of the Russell Senate Office Building.

The pair posted a video on Wednesday showing them launching wheeled curling stones across the building's marble floors. They aim for taped targets and even sweep for each other with a dust broom, keeping what appears to be a Swiffer close at hand, too.

The senators high five after one shot. Bennet jokes, "Maybe we should run before the Capitol police come."

The representatives of the Centennial State explain that curling is the Olympic sport they would be most likely to try. They join Mr. T and NFL players Aaron Rodgers and J.J. Watt as high-profile fans of curling this year, and they're certainly not the first to post their own curling-inspired videos this year.

The senators' video was made to highlight the fact that more U.S. Olympians come from Colorado than any other state.

"We're proud of you, thanks for being great representatives of Colorado and our country," Gardner says.

"We cant wait to share your victories when you come home," Bennet says.

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