Coastal Cuisine: Big Sur Food & Wine Fest

A picnic, a hike, and noshing with views await along Highway 1.

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PLANNING A ROAD TRIP... along glorious, twisty, fog-luscious, views-forever, waves-foamy Highway 1 is one of Life's Greatest Pleasures, and while the pursuits included on the Life's Greatest Pleasures are plentiful, few can top anticipating a visit to one of the World's Best Road (a whole other list, entirely). But while road-trip preparation frequently involves the buying of granola bars and the making of sandwiches, the better to have sustenance nearby as one travels along, a Highway 1 food prep is a different thing. And this is why: If you know you're heading to Big Sur, chances are you'll want to stop at some of the beloved bite-making mainstays there, to get your fill of omelets and pastas and hearty whole grain fare, and all of those fresh coast-close cuisine that makes Big Sur a foodie favorite. Look to the Big Sur Food & Wine Festival, the yearly hoopla that loves upon the deliciousness that is part of life at the edge of the continent. The 2016 dates are...

NOV. 3 THROUGH 5, and a number of events will please avowed Big Sur-loving supperists. There's an opening day Magical Mystery Tour, which will call upon "three different private properties along the northern part of the Big Sur coast" with a host of eats and wines along the way. Hiking with Stemware takes guests out into nature, where condors just might be seen, for a picnic of posh-nice proportions. More Magical Mystery Tours will follow on the final day, each with a different vibe and itinerary, and a Walkabout Marketplace is scheduled for Nov. 5 (find it next to Big Sur Bakery). A Deetjen's Dinner, a Hoedown at the Library (Henry Miller Library, natch), and other gatherings dot the roster. So go ahead and pack those granola bars, for you'll need a nosh before you reach Big Sur. But once there? The eating opportunities are plentiful and pleasurable, and certainly from Nov. 3 through 5.

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