Clinton: Don't Let Someone ‘Bully His Way' Into the Presidency

Hillary Clinton's top communications aide said on Tuesday that the campaign won't be responding to Donald Trump's  remarks that Clinton "got schlonged" in her 2008 bid for presidency. 

The aide, Jennifer Palmieri, went on to suggest in a tweet that while they wouldn't be commenting that "everyone who understands the humiliations this degrading language inflicts on all women should."  

But Clinton appeared to hit back at Trump late Tuesday thanks to a question about bullying during a rally in Keota, Iowa. 

"You're looking at somebody who's had a lot of terrible things said about me," she said. "I'm old enough that it doesn't particularly bother me but I can't imagine what it's like to be, you know, a young person in today's world where that's coming at you all the time."

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