Clint Eastwood for President: Five Reasons Why

Unhappy with your choices for president?

Draft Clint Eastwood.

Yes, the actor-director is 81 years old. But do you feel there's a better candidate out there?

Well, do you, punk?

Here are five reasons why an Eastwood run isn't nuts.

5. He's already dominating the political conversation.

Eastwood, with a simple Super Bowl commercial for an Italian-run car company, has seized control of the American political conversation.

 President Obama's campaign embraced the ad. Karl Rove denounced it. And Al Franken, the comedian turned Minnesota senator, made reference to the ad in his speech to the California Democratic Convention this weekend.

Just imagine if Eastwood were to get into the race. Other candidates would have a difficult time being heard.

Yes, President Obama and the Republican nominee would counter with negative attacks. But good luck to them.

Do you think they're going to win a fight with Dirty Harry?

4. We sure could use a Californian in the race.

California has been badly ignored by both parties, and its troubles are holding back the country.

The state needs a champion in Washington. Eastwood lives in Northern California and is a California native; he was born in San Francisco in 1930.

If you think Dirty Harry would have political appeal, just wait until you meet his wife, Dina Ruiz, a beautiful TV journalist from the Castron Valley.

She would help Eastwood cover every ethnic base -- her father was both African American and Japanese American, and was adopted by a family named Ruiz.

3. He has political experience.

He served as mayor of Carmel, winning a tough referendum and balancing the budget.

He's served effectively in appointed posts, most notably as chairman of the state parks commission. He was essentially pushed out of that job by Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger in a dispute over a road that would go through a park in Orange County.

2. He's always under budget.

President Obama's new budget proposal puts the annual deficit at $1.3 trillion.

Can you imagine a deficit like that in an Eastwood administration?

In Hollywood, Eastwood is famous for his economy; his movies routinely come in under budget.

1. Americans Elect could nominate him.

Eastwood is a lifelong Republican, but he doesn't fit easily into today's Santorum-Romney party. So how does he get on the ballot?

Eastwood would make a perfect candidate for Americans Elect, which has secured ballot lines for a third party contender.

Americans Elect will decide upon its candidate in a June on-line convention. What better candidate for such a convention than Eastwood?

Of course, Eastwood appears to be an exceedingly wise man -- too wise to get drawn into presidential politics. But we can dream.

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