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Where would California be without the new law, signed by Gov. Jerry Brown in recent days, to ban local governments from banning circumcision?

Well, California would be in deep trouble, with a broken budget and a governing system that can't do much to address real problems.

Which, of course, is exactly the same position California would be if Brown and the legislature had never bothered with the ban-on-circumcision-ban legislation.

Nevertheless, the legislature and governor spent time on this pointless legislation.

Yes, it's true that there were efforts in San Francisco and Santa Monica to make circumcision against the law. But these efforts were never more than a sideshow (and an excuse for immature male bloggers to write about their private parts).

A San Francisco initiative to ban circumcision -- the folks behind this ban make a non-sensical comparison to female genital mutilation in Africa -- was thrown off the ballot because it's unconstitutional.

Given the magnitude of California's problems, there's no reason to waste time or effort on a bill to prevent a policy that can't and almost certainly won't be enacted.

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