8 Classic Christmas Commercials

Along with mistletoe, holly, eggnog and holiday ornaments, a few classic ads never fail to get people into the holiday spirit

Each year the holiday season delivers a sleigh-full of new Christmas advertisements. But more often than not, the latest commercials soon fade into a distant memory like the appeal of last season's must-have toy.

But along with mistletoe, holly, eggnog and holiday ornaments, a few classic ads never fail to get people into the holiday spirit.

Here is a collection of some old favorites:

M&Ms Meet Santa

In a classic M&M’s commercial, the red and yellow "spokescandies" that haved appeared in many advertisements carry a bowl of the Mars chocolates. When they encounter Santa Claus next to a Christmas tree, the red M&M and St. Nick faint upon realizing that they both are real. 

Coca Cola Polar Bears

Coca Cola first presented polar bears to be used in many of its Christmastime campaigns in a pair of commercials that first aired in 1993. The first shows a polar bear showing off some smooth ice skating moves before falling. Santa arrives to give the poor polar bear a Coca Cola. Another shows the animals successfully dragging a Christmas tree up a mountain before enjoying bottles of the soft drink.

Scrooge Eats Cheerios

This Honey Nut Cheerios commercial uses the well-known Charles Dickens' tale “A Christmas Carol.” The cereal's cartoon mascot bee Buzz knocks on Ebenezer Scrooge’s door on Christmas, but the angry miser tells the cartoon to go away. However, the bee passes the Scrooge a bowl of cereal, which put a smile on his face.

Campbell's Soup Snowman

In this classic Campbell's soup commercial, a snowman eats a bowl of hot chicken noodle. The snow melts with each spoonful and it is revealed that the snowman is actually a young boy.

Hershey's Kisses Bells

Sometimes less is more. In this Hershey's Kisses commercial, a group of chocolates ring like bells and perform the holiday tune “We Wish You a Merry Christmas." One chocolate rings harder than the rest and has to wipe its “brow” with the narrow strip of paper on its top.

A Bedrock Christmas

As it turns out, even Bedrock celebrates Christmas. Santa Claus comes down a chimney and Fred Flinstone gives St. Nick a bowl of his Fruity Pebbles cereal. However, Barney Rubble also comes down the chimney to trick Fred into giving him a bowl. Although Fred isn’t fooled, he still gives Barney a bowl because “tis the season to be sharing,” as Santa says.

Oreo Cookies for Santa

In this commercial, a boy tries to stay up through the night to see Santa Claus and give him Oreo cookies and milk. He says to himself, “I’ll just take a little rest.” Santa stops by and begins eating the cookies with delight. But when the boy starts to wake, Santa disappears and the boy discovers the cookies are gone.

Michael Jordan Shoots Hoops With Santa

Santa Claus went head-to-head against Michael Jordan for a Nike commercial. The ad features some smooth moves from the basketball player. Although St. Nick delivers presents, he doesn’t seem to be gifted when it comes to the sport.

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