Chris Pine Talks CHiPs, “Into the Woods” and Plays Battleshots

“As an extra holiday fun, the shot in the middle of each boat is tequila,” said Fallon

Chris Pine is best known for his role as Captain Kirk in the rebooted "Star Trek" series, but lately the actor has been stretching his comedic chops with films like "Horrible Bosses 2" and Disney's Tony Award-winning musical “Into the Woods” where he plays Cinderella’s not-so-charming Prince.

Pine stopped by “The Tonight Show” Monday ahead of the Disney fairytales’ Christmas Day release and chatted with Jimmy Fallon about working with Meryl Streep and coming from a lineage of entertainers.

“My mom’s mom — my grandmother — was a pinup girl,” Pine said. “Her pinup was on the side of bomber airplanes in WWII.”

Pine’s mother was a television actress who starred in a number of TV shows, and his father, Robert Pine, is a TV-star best known for his role as Sgt. Joseph Getraer in “CHiPs.”

“My father loves to tell the story of when he got stopped for speeding during the height of 'CHiPs'," said Pine. “He tells the officer ‘You do know who I am, I am the sergeant on a very famous show, CHiPs.’ The guys takes his glasses down and says ‘That’s good for you, buddy — I’m the sergeant here.'”

Pine then talked about working with Anna Kendrick, Emily Blunt, and Meryl Streep in “Into the Woods.”

“How is Meryl Streep in person?” Fallon asked.

“She’s everything you could imagine her to be,” Pine answered, before recounting a story of how the 18-time Oscar winner brought tears to everyone's eyes during a song recording session for the movie. An unfazed Streep drank wine and typed on her Blackberry.

Pine plays Cinderella’s Prince in the movie, which he says meant “a lot of big hair, big pants and horse riding.”

Fallon then challenged the “Star Trek” actor to a game of Battle Shots, a drinking version of the classic board game Battleship where each hit means a shot for the opponent. The first player get five hits wins.

“As an extra holiday fun, the shot in the middle of each boat is tequila,” said Fallon

Dressed in sailor hats, Pine went first but missed Fallon’s coordinates. Next, it was Fallon’s turn who hit the center of one of Chris’ boat with his first guess, obligating the actor to do a shot of tequila. Then Chris missed the next two guesses while Fallon hit one of Pine’s ships twice, sinking the vessel.

With all the drinks flowing, Chris lost track that it was his turn to guess.

“That’s real tequila everybody, real tequila,” joked Fallon.

Chris missed again and Fallon finally missed one, but was still one hit away from the win.

“F4,” Fallon said to the sound of a bomb hitting a ship. “I’m the winner!”

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