Christie’s Secret Promise

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Now we know, definitively, that Chris Christie isn't running for president.  But it appears a select group of Californians had advance knowledge of that decision.

It's understandable that Christie has been the focus of tremendous speculation about a potential presidential bid.  It reflects genuine unease among some party leaders about the makeup of the field and questions about Rick Perry and Mitt Romney.

It also reflects the media's desire for drama in this developing horse race.

Christie's past declarations that he wasn't interested also seemed to waver last week during an appearance at the Reagan Library in Simi Valley.

But it appears his mind was already made up at that point.  

According to the Wall Street Journal, a fundraiser that newly-minted HP CEO Meg Whitman hosted last week at her home for Christie was based on the assurance that Christie wasn't running.  

Whitman is a strong supporter of Romney's presidential bid.

According to the paper, Christie told those attending the Whitman event, a benefit for New Jersey Republicans,  that he would not run.

As to what he told Nancy Reagan last week during his California visit, Christie was mum today.  Saying only that his dinner with her "was one of the great honors of my life," the New Jersey governor declined to offer details on their conversation, and whether he had indicated his decision to her.

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