Cheech Marin Suddenly Typecast as a Priest

Cheech Marin might be known for his stoner movies, but he is suddenly piling up priest parts.

He just cannot seem to make up his mind whether he's the spiritual kind ("The Perfect Game") or the killing kind ("The Machete")

"Last night I was at an event where I play a family-orientated priest," Marin told PopcornBiz of 'The Perfect Game.' " Tomorrow it's 'Machete.' I'm all over the place."

Of course he's still doing the stoner stuff, as he was promoting "Cheech and Chong's: Hey Watch This."  which comes out on DVD appropriately on April 20. But the priest gig is a fun departure for the comedian/actor.

Marin says he especially likes his part in "Machete" : "I'm the murdering kind of priest, the best kind."

The gore-fest movie was originally a fake trailer in "Grindhouse," but it captured the attention and affection of the movie audience. Director Robert Rodriquez then made a full feature film from it, keeping Marin in the part of a priest very-adept in firearms.

"'Machete' was just a trailer that the fan base demanded be a movie," says Marin. "The trailer was just supposed to be a funny thing, a joke. But we went back and shot the movie."

As for his body count in the movie, Marin has no idea. He shot scenes where he killed "six or seven."

"But I don't know I haven't seen the final film yet."

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