Caught on Camera: 8-Year-Old Girl Mauled by Pit Bull in San Bernardino

A new surveillance video shows an 8-year-old girl being attacked and mauled by a pit bull in San Bernardino.

Gabriella Jones was walking to school when the dog came up from behind her and grabbed the girl's arm in his teeth and bit the girl's face.

A neighbor witnessed what had just occurred and immediately tried to intervene to rescue the girl.

"I thought that my life was going to end right there," Gabriella said. "It bit me on my leg and then went up to my ear. That's when that guy came and started hitting him and kicking the dog," she said.

Gabriella required stitches and will need more surgery for the bite marks.

The owner of the dog apologized to Gabriella and her family, and said he euthanized the dog.

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