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How to Protect Your Catalytic Converter From Being Stolen

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The Richmond Police Department has released a new video in hopes of making residents aware of catalytic converter thefts and urging them to take precautions.

"Ideally park your vehicle inside a locked garage," Richmond police Sgt. Donald Patchin said. "Obviously, if you can remove access to the catalytic converter, that’s going to be best."

Police also encourage drivers to install safety devices that may deter the thieves.

Mr. Muffler in Richmond has been swamped installing custom catalytic converter cages. They said the rebar makes it much tougher for the thieves to remove the parts they’re after.

Kate Harps, who has had her catalytic converter stolen twice in two years, had a chain installed on her catalytic converter after getting hit the first time, but it didn’t stop the thieves.

She has a different safety device in place now but knows it can easily happen again. She warns every car is at risk, especially those not parked in garages.

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