Catalina Island: Unlimited Fun Day Pass

Make your way to the magical land, and then hop on a tour, or boat ride, or...

Santa Catalina Island Company

DECIDING WHAT TO DO FIRST... on a day trip to Catalina Island can be deliciously tricky. After all, when the island is viewed from the mainland — say, from Rancho Palos Verdes, or another point near Los Angeles — it can seem, through the light fog, as though you can do it all in a day. There's a big "au contraire" there, of course, because once you step off into Avalon you're presented with numerous choices, both on the water and up in the flora- and fauna-filled hills (and, indeed, in the city of Avalon itself, which boasts restaurants, spas, and the historic Casino Building). What might be helpful, on the planning end for you and your pals, and the cash-saving end, too, is to line up an Unlimited Fun Day Pass ahead of your isle-sweet adventure. The pass, which debuted early in June, covers a caboodle of to-dos, to-dos covered by a single price: $199. Those on-the-island pursuits include...

THE FAMOUS GLASS BOTTOM BOAT, and the Undersea Expedition, and the Ocean Runner, and the Behind-the-Scenes tour of the Casino, and a Flying Fish Trip, and an Inland Expedition, and the way-up-high Zip Line Eco Tour, and more, more, more. The only challenge is to A) cram in as much good-times-ing as you can over the course of a day and B) get your party to agree on all the stuff you want to do over the course of your Catalina sojourn. You'll need to book in advance, and there are a few asterisks and things not included (some rentals and such). Will you be far too bushed after all of your adventure-having? There are hotel packages, too, to ponder (and come to a group consensus on).

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