Catalina Island: Buccaneer’s Weekend 2017

Already have your outfit ready for Talk Like a Pirate Day? Keep it out for this swashbuckling October celebration.

Catalina Chamber of Commerce

TELL A FRIEND... that you're headed to Catalina Island, and your friend may instantly assume that Avalon is your destination. True, you might be flying first for the Airport in the Sky, but Avalon is the fabled isle's bigger town, the busy burg that sees a lot of the daily boat action. (And, by "busy," we mean golf carts are humming and visitors are happily strolling, which is exactly the right kind of busy.) But there is another beautiful village, of course, called Two Harbors, and, like Avalon, it also faces the mainland, though from a different, more northerly direction. Unlike Avalon, Two Harbors takes a bit more planning to reach, but reachable, it definitely is, and the whole "bit more planning" part makes it all the more enticing to its many devoted fans. And a number of those fans keep fall in mind, each year, for that's when one of the town's most swashbuckling festivities leaps into sight: It's Buccaneer's Weekend, and the pirates shall wash ashore at Two Harbors from...

OCT. 5 THROUGH 8, 2017: It's a grown-up kind of party, with live bands, nightly DJs, camping packages, and "(m)ultiple bars" filling out the scene. Is there a costume contest? Oh yes, so best keep your tunic and boots, the outfit you plan to wear on Talk Like a Pirate Day, which is Sept. 19, near your suitcase. Are there treasure hunts, too? It would hardly seem like a pirate-themed festival without searching for some sort of hidden goodies. Will you enjoy the beauty that Two Harbors brims with, whether you don a tri-cornered hat and breeches or not? You will; the name springs from the fact that, yes, there are two harbors there, or a cove and a harbor, adding to the spot's sublime picturesque nature. (Isthmus Cove and Catalina Harbor are the watery features, but you surely already knew those names, loving Two Harbors as you do.) For all of your Buccaneer's Weekend needs, best grab the nearest chandelier and swing by the information pronto, before the searching for treasure begins.

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