Catalina Film Fest Honors Stan Lee

The "Spiderman" icon will be the star of the May island party.

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SPIDEY ON THE SAND: When you think of "Spiderman" co-creator and all-around Marvel legend Stan Lee, and you think about setting, your mind naturally turns to the massive skyscrapers and concrete canyons of New York City. We're assuming, here, of course, but since just about every Spiderman incarnation shows the superhero springing sideways off glass towers, we feel confident in our Stan Lee=NYC assertions. So taking the icon and placing him in a balmy, bison-filled island setting is a bit of a new thing. Which is why we love the idea so. Which is why we're marking our calendar for Friday, May 4 through Sunday, May 6, when Mr. Lee will be honored at the Catalina Film Festival.

"GREAT COMMUNICATOR" AWARD: The legendary writer, editor and producer will be on the island to accept the festival's Ronald Reagan Great Communicator award. It's fitting, right? Whenever we see the man, whether at Comic-Con or making a winky cameo in a summer blockbuster, he's all smiles and sweetness. In short, he does communicate well, both on the page and in the flesh. And, really, let's be honest: He's the ultimate fanboy, someone we can all emulate in our enthusiasm for art and adventure. The fest'll be full of other film goodness, too. Plus you'll be on Catalina. Can that be beat? Nope, it can't. 

Last question. Do you think if Spiderman hooked his web onto someplace in Long Beach or San Pedro, he could make the 22 mile crossing and land in Avalon? In our daydream he can.

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