Car With Two Young Girls Inside Plunges Into Backyard Pool

A 66-year-old female driver lost control and crashed through a block wall and sailed down a slope into a backyard pool in Yorba Linda on Tuesday.

The car contained the driver’s two grandchildren, girls aged 6 and 9, but none of the occupants were harmed, thanks to two quick-thinking neighbors.

"I couldn’t get the doors open in the car, but luckily the two windows on the passenger side were open and I just had the girls unbuckle and come out to me," neighbor Anita Campbell said. "The grandmother, got her through the window, and put them on the side of the pool."

A male resident helped as well, Campbell said. She added that she thought an earthquake had struck when she heard the crash, then she found the car and heard the girl crying.

"They were basically in shock," Campbell said of the girls and the driver.

The crash occurred just before 3 p.m. at 5525 Bayberry Way (map), according to the Orange County Fire Authority, which responded to the scene. The roadway curves on a hillside at that spot, and Campbell said she believed the wall had been hit several times.

The driver and the two girls were taken to a hospital in Anaheim with just minor cuts and bruises, according a fire authority spokesperson on scene.

The car, a silver sedan with its windshield cracked, was still submerged in the pool at about 5 p.m.

It remains unclear what caused the crash, which is under investigation.

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