Woman Rescued After Car Ends Up Wedged Between 2 Buildings

Responding officers found the car dangling above a terrace that was 15-feet below.

What to Know

  • A woman was rescued after a crash caused her vehicle to be wedged between two buildings in Upper Gwynedd Township.
  • The incident occurred near the Brittany Pointe Estates on Saturday.
  • Officers managed to get her out while firefighters removed the car. No word yet on the woman's condition.

A woman was rescued after her car ended up wedged between two buildings at a Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, retirement community over the weekend.

The woman was driving near the Brittany Pointe Estates in Upper Gwynedd Township Saturday, shortly after noon when she lost control of her vehicle.

“The vehicle had actually gone over a masonry set of steps, broke through a wall, went over the steps and was kind of sticking up in the air at a 45-degree angle,” Upper Gwynedd Police Officer Matthew Toro told NBC10.

Responding officers found the car dangling above a terrace that was 15-feet below. That’s when Officer Toro jumped into action.

“I ran up to the top of the steps and looked to see how far it was pitched over to one side,” Officer Toro said. “Once we figured out that it was tilted a little bit, there was a minor concern for it tipping over. But at that point we just decided that we could get her out pretty safely.”

Toro said the woman was awake and appeared to be unharmed. Toro told her to trust him as officers pulled her seat back. Another officer took her leg and put it over the center console. Toro then told the woman to fall onto his shoulder. Once she did, he carried her away from the car.

Fire crews then managed to get the car out and onto a tow truck.
NBC10 reached out to Brittany Pointe for comment and information on the woman’s condition. We have not yet heard back from them.

“I never had a chance to talk to her,” Officer Toro said. “But hope she’s well.”

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