Cameron Diaz F-Bombs Her Way Through Red-Band “Bad Teacher” Trailer

The red-band trailer for "Bad Teacher" is here, and it lives up the rumors that it'll be one of the summer's raunchier comedies.

Diaz got famous working blue is the Farrelly Brothers' "Something About Mary," and here again she shows an ease and comfort with all manner of foul language. Suffice it to say, the trailer is NSFW and loaded with "adult language."

Lest we come off as a bunch of scolds, the trailer is pretty funny. Diaz plays an unmotivated, pot-smoking teacher who hopes to make the new substitute, played by Justin Timberlake, her sugar daddy. He, of course, is attracted to her archenemy, played by Lucy Punch, while orbiting the action as one of Diaz's suitors is Jason Segel.

"Bad Teacher" opens June 24.

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