California Wine Fests 2019 (and a Beer Fest, Too)

Where to go to sip some of the most splendid regional vinos? Some splendid locations, starting with Dana Point.

A FESTIVAL... is very often presented as a singular occurrence. You won't find it in plural form, if it is an annual kind of happening, and going when it pops up is a must, if you're going to catch it on this annual go-around. But some festivals have proven to be so robust, so hearty, and so dang flavorful that they've gone bigger, and then even bigger than that. Take the California Wine Festival, which, yes, does love upon the regional winemakers that lend the Golden State its golden aura, in the stellar libation category. It is not just a one-time happening, a get-in-get-out going-on that pops up once on the calendar. Oh no: You can enjoy four, repeat, four festivals if you know where to go (and you buy a ticket, of course). And the cherry on top of the sundae, or, rather, the...

FOAM ON TOP OF THE BREW? The CA Brew & BBQ bash is part of the line-up, making for a five-fabulous festival circuit. That's the second-to-last lark, so you'll likely want to start with the California Wine Festival that's visiting Dana Point in late April, if you hope to be a completest and call upon all of the wine-sipping spectaculars. A Sunset Rare & Reserve Tasting visits Carlsbad on the first two days of summer, while a Sunset Rare & Reserve Tasting will line up the glasses in Santa Barbara on July 19 and 20. The CA Brew & BBQ foams in Oceanside at the end of September, while Huntington Beach is the final stop, in late October.

SO MANY WINERIES ATTEND, and brewmakers, too, that finding out if your favorite places, or the labels you've been meaning to try, is as easy as keeping an eye on the site. You can do so here. Will you visit all five this year? It's one of the biggest beverage tours around, and one that has become known for quality and creating fresh fandoms of some of our state's great wines.

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