Survey Says? Californians Are Pessimistic About State's Future

Voters are frustrated and the gubernatorial candidates aren't exactly helping.

Californians may still be in love with President Barack Obama but this year's gubernatorial candidates don't have what it takes to save a sinking ship, according to a new poll.

More than half of voters believe the state is in a long-term decline, and will still be in trouble once the national economy bounces back, according to the Los Angeles Times/USC poll. Only 14 percent of respondents said California is moving in the right direction.

Despite the recession ending and Time declaring the Golden State golden, pessimism may be the new hope when it comes to this year's crop of potential governors, according to the Times:

In the election to replace Schwarzenegger, Atty. Gen. Jerry Brown, the only major figure currently angling for the Democratic nomination, was seen favorably by more than 4 in 10 voters, and unfavorably by about one-quarter. His likely Republican opponents are much less known; none was seen favorably by more than 2 in 10 voters, the poll indicated.

Obama has managed to stay popular in California, with an approval of 60 percent, according to the poll. As for Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, not so much. California's top Republican won the support of only a third of voters, the Times reported.

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