This California Politician Could Become the Face of the Trump ‘Resistance'

With Congressman Xavier Becerra, D-Calif., on the verge of becoming California's next attorney general, he will be in a key position to challenge President-elect Donald Trump's policies and mandates, NBC News reported.

Becerra accepted Gov. Jerry Brown's nomination to be the state's next attorney general and now awaits confirmation.

As attorney general of the nation's most populous state, Becerra will be poised to challenge Trump's promise to end sanctuary cities, which refuse to prosecute immigrants in the country illegally, and can push back on other policies that Democrats don't agree with.

"He could become the face of the California resistance. That is a very popular idea in a lot of places, that California Democrats are going to be the vanguard of opposition to the Trump administration," said University of Southern California professor Roberto Suro, director of the Tomás Rivera Policy Institute.

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