California’s Royal Pain

Britain Royal Wedding

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are set to rub shoulders with the Frustrated and Foundering of California.

Right after the royal couple arrive in Los Angeles, they will be chauffered to a reception with, among others, California’s political leaders.

What could they possibly talk about?

Because on the surface, it appears the Brits have it all over we Californians right now.

They made famous the fascinator. We made famous the Governator. Score one for the UK.

Their unemployment stands at 7.7 percent. Ours … Score another one for the Brits.

Scandal brought down our former Governor’s marriage. Scandal brought down their biggest tabloid newspaper. Okay, that one’s a wash.

The Royals rule of their country involves raising money for charity by attending celebrity polo matches and leaving the heavy political lifting to Prime Minister David Cameron and Paliament.

Governor Brown’s leadership of California involves cutting money from everywhere while trying to lift the state from an economic sinkhole.

Try doing that from the saddle of a polo pony.

Everyone loves Will and Kate. He’s the man who will become King and she’s a trend-setting role model.

Jerry Brown’s approval rating is sinking. According to the latest Field Poll, 46% of Californians approve of the job he’s doing, while nearly a third of us think he’s doing a bad job. That’s a 10% jump in negative perception since the spring.

Being a Royal seems like a lot of fun these days.While running California is simply a Royal Pain.

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