California Fall Color Is Live and Looking for Leaves

The foliage-tracking blog is posting regularly and ready for your color-cool, trees-are-changing updates.

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SO YOU'RE WILD ABOUT THIS ONE TREE, in your neighborhood, or near your office, and when it starts to get a bit golden, say, around October, well... you're going to tell absolutely everyone, from your co-workers to the nice man three houses down to absolutely anyone you meet. For fall is fleeting, and the enjoyment of colorful foliage must be savored in the moment, or at least during the week or two when the shimmer is at its tip-top-iest. But what if you saw a...

WHOLE GROVE OF RED TREES, while on a hike, or a cul-de-sac of color, and you want to stretch beyond the people in your immediate sphere? In short: How would you let other leaf peepers around the state know that hundreds of aspen trees along your favorite trail have gone lemonade-yellow or that this one Eastern Sierra canyon is a true burnished orange at this very moment? There's a venerable and trustworthy blog for that, and, with its tagline of "Dude, autumn happens here, too," you know that it is quite keen on the falltime glory of the Golden State. It's the...

CALIFORNIA FALL COLOR... blog, and while blogger John Poimiroo, a travel pro who knows his foliage-strong spots, will often post throughout the entire calendar on a variety of outdoorsy topics, you can bet that the blog gets extra busy around September and October. And so it is, with foliage fans already writing in to share their 2018 observations of tree-based changes at higher elevations. A helpful part of the blog?

A MAP... that reveals what regions are slowly turning, near peak, at peak, or beyond. A wonderful part of the blog? The anecdotes and nature-loving tales from Mr. Poimiroo and those followers who write in to share what they're seeing. Dude, California gets a lot of fall color, too, and not just in the slope-y nooks and northerly peaks. It's all over, from August into January, even, if you know where to look. 

WHERE TO LOOK RIGHT NOW, however? Right here, at the always reliable, autumn-awesome California Fall Color blog.

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