Calif. Man Convicted of Murder in Racist Shooting Spree That Killed 3 in Fresno

Kori Ali Muhammad sought to kill white men in the random shootings, police have said. The next phase will involve questions on his sanity

AP Photo/Scott Smith, File

A black California man who killed three white people in Fresno in 2017 was convicted of murder Wednesday in the racially motivated rampage, NBC News reports.

Kori Ali Muhammad, 42, was found guilty on three counts of second-degree murder and one count of first-degree murder in the April 18, 2017, slayings as well as a previous killing of a security guard outside a motel, NBC affiliate KSEE of Fresno reported. The trial will move to the sanity phase Monday.

Muhammad surrendered to police after he fired 17 shots in less than a minute at four Fresno locations in an area near the city's office of Catholic Charities, authorities have said.

The Fresno police chief said at the time that Muhammed is a racist who planned "to kill as many white males as possible," and who advocated for the creation of a separate country for all of the United States' non-white residents.

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