Video: Cable Company Employee Steals Puppy From Riverside Home

"I'm not looking for anything but justice."

A home security camera filmed a worker from a major cable company stealing a puppy from a Riverside yard.

Melissa Cortez, the owner of 10-month old pug Andrew, said her mother and sister thought the puppy somehow got out. However, after looking around their complex, Cortez saw surveillance video from her neighbor's home showing a man in a Spectrum cable company truck opening the house's gate and taking the puppy.

"And he's real careful about how he opens our fence," she said. "The fence makes a lot of noise when you open it."

The Spectrum cable worker is seen in the video walking back to his truck and driving off.

Shortly after, Melissa contacted Spectrum on social media and tweeted the surveillance video, demanding that the worker bring back the dog home.

"They were willing to steal off of our property and we are not even their customers," she said.

Less than 24 hours later, Bob Turnbull, Spectrum's head of security, brought the puppy back home to Melissa.

"Spectrum takes these things very seriously and we don't wish this upon anyone," he said.

Cortez is grateful to have her puppy back, but she wants the man who took Andrew to face criminal charges.

"I'm not looking for anything but justice."

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