Bulletproof Backpacks a Surprising Back to School Option

One of the hottest back to school accessories this year may surprise parents -- bulletproof backpacks. The bags highlight the harsh reality and dangers faced by students today.

Anna, a mother of two, said she was more frustrated and sad than shocked to see the bags on store shelves and, despite the numerous shootings at schools in recent years, said she wouldn't purchase one for her children.

"I don't think it's necessary," she said.

Guard Dog Security, a manufacturer of the bags, said they're resistant to a 9mm handgun and a .45 Magnum.

"If you're in an active shooter situation, your first instinct should be to run away from this scenario. Take the backpack to yank it over your head and cover your vital organs," said Yasir Sheikh, president of Guard Dog Security.

The key component, manufacturers say, is the Kevlar mesh in the back of the bag.

"It's designed to stop the penetration," said Adam Campbell, gun instructor.

In tests, the bag stopped a 9mm round and a .45 at 15 feet.

"I can feel it in there, but it did not penetrate with a .45," Campbell said.

A high-velocity rifle, however, was able to penetrate the bag.

"It's really, really super high velocity compared to those handguns, so like we said, went right through,"  Campbell said.

Manufacturers admit the bags aren't the ultimate solution, but they do allow students to take a proactive approach to their safety with a layer of protection.

The backpacks retail for about $119 for youth sizes and $190 for adult sizes.

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