Bryan Cranston Is “The Grief Tourist”

Bryan Cranston, who just won his third consecutive Best Actor Emmy, has signed on to star in an indie thriller about a man with an unhealthy fascination with serial killers.

"The Grief Tourist," written by Frank John Hughes and to be directed by Suri Krishnamma, will star Cranston and Michael Cudlitz. Here's a synopsis from the press release that came out yesterday:

A disturbed and troubled soul, Jim Tahana, retraces the footsteps of serial killers who fascinate him as his hobby. His dark obsession with past killers soon becomes his reality and leads viewers on a menacing and horrific journey inside his twisted mind.

Cranston has parlayed his success on AMC's "Breaking Bad" into a ton of film work. Coming up, he's got "Leave," another thriller by Frank Hughes; "Red Tails," George Lucas' film about the Tuskegee Airmen; "Larry Crowne" from writer-director-star Tom Hanks and "John Carter on Mars."

And it was announced a couple of weeks ago that he'll be in director Nicholas Winding Refn's "Drive," alongside Ryan Gosling, Carey Mulligan and Albert Brooks.

After years of doing some great comedy on "Malcolm in the Middle," Cranston's work took a decidedly dark turn when he signed on with "Breaking Bad," and it's been totally working for him. High five, Mr Cranston.

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