Broadway Joe Runs With a Wild Pack: Neighbors

Palm Beach County muzzles one of Joe Namath's dogs

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Sometimes it doesn't pay to be the answer to, "Who let the dogs out?"

In Palm Beach, Joe Namath has been the answer one too many times. His two dogs have bitten at least four people in the past two years and now the former New York Jet QB and Hall of Famer is fighting to keep his pooches from being confined to his home.

And you thought Namath was the wild one.

A Palm Beach magistrate ruled that one of the dogs, a yellow lab retriever named Leo, was dangerous Thursday at a special hearing. No word on the other dog, a Weimaraner named Stella.

The ruling means it is now illegal for Namath to take the dogs to public places or let them roam his property without a leash and muzzle, according to the Palm Beach Post.

The most recent incident involving the dogs occurred in August, when an irrigation technician was bitten by both dogs while doing some work around Namath's home. The man requested the dogs be considered a danger, but Namath claims his pups are gentle creatures who just happen to know how to use their sharp teeth.

All the attacks happened on Namath's property, which may be to his advantage since they weren't roaming the streets. But it might be a hard sell to say the dogs are more bark than bite.

Stella and Leo are equal opportunity biters and have also attacked a delivery man, a contractor and a nurse who came to the house by mistake.

We've got a bold prediction for the man who is most famous for making them - go get a muzzle.

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