Britney For President: Spears Does Letterman Top 10

Bikini-clad Britney does Dave

Hail to the chief -- Britney in a bikini, that is.

Britney Spears rocked a skimpy dark-colored two-piece and sported a red flower in her hair on Dave Letterman's "Late Show" Tuesday to deliver a Top 10 list of ways the country would be different were she president. 

"Free pie for everybody," the 27-year-old pop star teased for number eight on the list.

Spears also pledged to be the first president since Nixon to wear eye shadow and that the country would "only invade fun places like Cabo."

The top item on the list: "Finally, the media would pay some attention to me."

Spears' pre-taped "Late Show" appearance was her first in three years and came as the singer is about to kick off the American leg of her Circus tour, People reported.

Brit’s Letterman appearance
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