Bradley Cooper Drinks in Success of “The Hangover”

Bradley Cooper will watch tomorrow's Oscar nomination results with unusual interest.

To his utter surprise, his "Hangover" comedy could be listed as one of the Best Picture nominations in the expanded field.

"When I was pretending to fornicate with a tiger, did I ever think we'd be nominated for a Golden Globe let alone an Oscar?" Bradley asked from the "Valentine's Day" press junket. "We were over the moon when we got a Golden Globe. It was unthinkable when we were shooting it."

The hilarious buddy film about a Vegas bachelor party gone very wrong would be a fresh addition to the Oscars (even if it doesn't quite merit victory). Indeed, the appearance of "The Hangover" crew -- especially Mike Tyson -- was one of the highlights of the Golden Globes.

The nomination chances have certainly been helped by the Academy's decision to widen the Best Picture category. "Certainly the fact that there is going to be 10 movies is an interesting change," said Cooper. "It would be great, unbelievable."

 (Update: The Hangover was not nominated for Best Picture.)

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