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Warmer Water Drives Bottlenose Dolphins to Bay Area Coast

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You may find yourself out along Bay Area beaches and encounter bottlenose dolphins. It’s been uncommon to see them out here because they typically hang out around Baja California.

So what’s driving the species up to our coast line? Bill Keener, research associate with the Marine Mammal Center, explains in the interview.

Unfortunately, not all animals do well with climate change and adapting to new environments, but bottlenose dolphins are very smart and have been able to find different food sources around here like salmon—something they can't get off of San Diego or Baja California.

And as Keener mentioned, the dolphins are here to stay. But the Marine Mammal Center actually needs our help with their research. The center is asking the public to take a pictures of the dolphins and send them to its database. Even if you snap a picture of their dorsal fins, scientists may be able to match it to something in their catalog.

Send your dolphin images to the Marine Mammal Center database on the center's website.

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