Bikini Beauties Model New Fashions


This weekend has been a hot one in more ways than one. 

As the mercury rose Saturday so did the blood pressure of some lucky men who got to watch bikini clad beauties strut their stuff at the “Gone Bananas Pre-Summer Bikini Fashion Show.”

Freelance photographer Daveed Giorgio Gazarov went along to shoot pictures for us and he was glad he did. 

“What started off as a quiet evening ended up being a spectacular show for everyone attending,” he said.  “The topic was to show of clothing; however, the crowd, mostly men, were more eager to see the girls on the runway."

As an abundance of assorted bikinis and very tight, tan bodies hit the stage at On Broadway, the crowd went ‘bananas’.

“One after the other the models made their way onto the stage, which was crowded on both sides,” Gazarov said.

If you like what you see (we’re talking about the bikinis now) then head to Gone Bananas on 3785 Mission Blvd. and check out their summer collection.

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