Bikers Rest at El Capitan Canyon

Plan on cycling through Santa Barbara? Here's your luxe stay-over.

El Capitan Canyon

ONE SWEET PAIRING: So remember that childhood song that went "X and Y, sittin' in a tree..?" Of course you remember. You likely still sing it now, and often, whenever you want to suggest two people are perfect for each other and belong together. But concepts and activities and places can be as simpatico, too, and whenever we think of the Central Coast and long-distance biking, that old-school ditty pops into our minds. (Though it is a bit of a mouthful to sing "The Central Coast and cycling, sittin' in a tree...") It's just that the scenery is perfect, the weather can be sublime, and spinning your wheels through it is a happy-maker. That's all; no hyperbole or anything. Now El Capitan Canyon, that luxury campsite just a pinch outside of Santa Barbara, is welcoming people who like to pair the Central Coast and a few days spent on two wheels. The rustic property has just launched its new Spring Bike Camping Package.

WHAT'S THE DEAL? Bikers'll stay for one night at Ocean Mesa's bike camping site. A 55-minute massage is in the mix -- that sounds good any time, but especially after several hours on the saddle -- and a bottle of Happy Camper wine. Use of the hot tub -- yeah, you want to do that, too -- and other add-ons are included. Cost kicks off at $175 a night and lasts through May 23.

ALSO ON AT EL CAP: Plan on swinging by in your auto and not a bike? There are special packages at the posh-but-low-key campgrounds. A Springtime Adventure Package spent in the site's Adventure Yurt sounds like just the ticket to us. And that's just the ticket to about anything. Work stress, road stress, life stress, or all of the above.

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