Hiker and German Shepherd Rescued From 200-Foot Cliff in Big Tujunga Canyon

"VOLUME UP ON THIS HAPPY REUNION!" A hiker in Delta Flats was stuck overnight with the family dog on a 200-foot cliff.

After being stranded cliffside overnight, a hiker and the family dog, a German shepherd, were rescued by Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department Air Rescue 5 and LASD Montrose Search and Rescue.

Late Tuesday night, the owner was hiking in the Delta Flats area in Big Tujunga Canyon with two dogs when one of them, Onyx, suddenly fell down a 200-foot cliff and got caught halfway.

Onyx spent the night on the ledge while family stayed close by, trying to keep him calm.

Mike Leum, a first responder with Montrose Search and Rescue, caught the family's reunion with Onyx on video.

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